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Commercial Real Estate Broker and Agent Training and Coaching Worldwide by John Highman.  This podcast covers Sales, Leasing, and Property Management skills and topics in Office, Industrial, and Retail Properties Globally.  You can also get more resources at our main website at 

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Jun 9, 2019

Here are 8 things to do that can give you listing and commission results in brokerage sales and leasing.  

This is a good ‘action list’ of 8 things to do and to work with as you consolidate your real estate business and property market share.  These simple questions and focus points will help you see what results you are getting in your brokerage business and where you can improve. 

Grow your numbers, and ensure that you are improving every day.  Understand the numbers and then lift them through action planning.  It does take a degree of self-discipline and that can help you with your business related habits.

Drive your real estate business forward with specific focus; get away from the 'averages' of the industry.