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Jun 23, 2019

When you have a vacant commercial office building or a few vacant tenancies to lease in a large property, you should implement a specific plan of contact to find new tenants. The strategic approach always works in finding the quality tenants and in putting the lease deals together.


Work the location and the businesses in your region.  In logically working through a list of tenant contact strategies you can find the local businesses quite quickly to inspect and negotiate on the vacant space available. 


Use the business telephone book online as part of that process.  Simply start making the calls to local businesses.


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Get Active in Leasing to Tenants


The leasing market is always active.  There are always tenants out in the local property market looking to move or expand to more appropriate premises. 


Ask questions of the people that you talk to about their lease and their property.  By tracking lease expiry dates and connecting with the business leaders regularly you will find the tenants that you require; from that point onwards, it is simply a matter of staying in regular contact in a relevant way.   


What do you talk about?  Share information about rents, incentives, premises, and the quality of local property available today for lease.


In the podcast today you will learn about:

  • How to connect with business owners and why you should do that
  • The business groups that can give you the leads for leasing premises
  • The systems that help you connect with people that need to lease premises