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Commercial Real Estate Broker and Agent Training and Coaching Worldwide by John Highman.  This podcast covers Sales, Leasing, and Property Management skills and topics in Office, Industrial, and Retail Properties Globally.  You can also get more resources at our main website at 

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Jan 2, 2020

In commercial real estate, the clients that you want to work for are already known to you or on your prospect list.  How you open up the relationships with the right people will be the thing to focus on.

Lead generation is a skill or a process that all brokers and agents should focus on, especially if they are looking to grow their real estate business.

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This podcast today will help you put some precedence into a lead generation program.  It is the essential element of business growth with listings and clients.  Look for leads and ask for referrals.  It is amazing just how much new business you can get from that.