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Oct 3, 2019

Direct mail is an effective way of contacting targeted people in commercial real estate brokerage.

How are you prospecting for new business now? Are you doing a few things and merging them into a model of constant activity? In today's podcast we share some ideas about how you can send letters to targeted people in commercial real estate locally.

A special message here is that you should not do too many things in prospecting for new business.  Three or four things is more than enough.

As you send out those letters you will find leads and opportunities to work with.  That is an amazing opportunity for you to work with.

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So let's get some things started here. As you consider your prospecting and marketing model for the next 12 months, consider how you can merge direct mail and direct marketing into your new business model.

You don't need to send too many letters; just 3 to 5 a day will achieve the momentum you need. There will, of course, be some research into the right people and the right properties to think about as well.

There is a cost involved, so if you are going to spend the time and the money in sending letters to your prospects and clients, get involved with the follow-up and track the results. Talk to people every day and use your letters to achieve that momentum.