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Jun 28, 2019

In commercial real estate brokerage, how you use your spare time is so important when it comes to the results that you seek with listings and commissions. It is a discipline to work with and build into your business model.


Remember that the commercial real estate business is built around your actions, your connections with people, and your activities. Your spare time as part of that.  Focus on how you use your spare time in engaging with people.



In this podcast today we share some ideas relating to how you can focus your spare time into the things that matter; that is in helping you grow market share and growing your real estate business directly and specifically in your location.


Solutions for Spare Time Effectiveness


In this podcast today, you will learn the following:


  1. The value and opportunities of using your telephone as a marketing tool.  You can do that between meetings, inspections, and conversations with clients. You can always use your telephone at any time and anywhere when it comes to engaging with new people and maintaining contact with existing clients and prospects. Use your telephone more effectively and consistently.  The message here is that you can and should make plenty of outbound telephone calls.
  2. Take the time to connect with local businesses in the region or the location where you may be attending meetings and or inspecting a property with other people. Drop your business card into local businesses as you move into and around the area. Your simple business card is perhaps the most effective marketing tool that you have.
  3. Engage with your property market by sending direct marketing letters every day. A few marketing letters sent each day will allow you to make some contact calls later in the week to new people, thereby consistently and professionally open the door to new opportunities.
  4. Remember to engage frequently with your previous clients and previous prospects. You can make calls to those people in your spare time; that is those people that you already know. You can find out what they're doing and thinking when it comes to commercial real estate locally; that being as part of an investment or as a business occupancy. In doing this, you can position yourself as the ‘local expert’ to help them with their property challenges at any time. Ideally, you want them to remember you.
  5. You can ask for referral business with the right people in the right way after a successful transaction or meeting. A simple conversation and question about any referral business will guide you towards new people and new relationships. Understand how you can open up those relationships with good leads and good opportunities. Be your own ‘lead generator’ when it comes to commercial real estate brokerage and build those leads and opportunities over time. Ask about referral business.