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Jan 31, 2024

Welcome to the podcast, where we share tips and insights for success in the real estate industry. In this episode, we'll discuss the value of connections and habits in finding and working with landlords and tenants. In today’s episode, we are talking about the important habits and skills required in leasing premises today.

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 As a leasing agent, you understand that your network determines your nett worth. To effectively and efficiently match landlords and tenants, you must first establish strong relationships with both parties. You should also communicate with them on a regular basis in order to anticipate their needs and preferences and provide excellent service. 

But how do you form and maintain these connections? One of the most important factors is your habits. Habits are actions that you repeat without much thought or effort. They influence your identity, reputation, and results. Habits can either benefit or harm you, depending on whether they are positive or negative.