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Jan 17, 2024

Industrial properties present a distinct set of challenges and opportunities for both buyers and sellers in a rapidly changing real estate market. As the demand for industrial space grows, real estate agents face the complexities of listing industrial properties for sale or lease. In this podcast episode by John Highman, we discuss the importance of checklists in ensuring a consistent and comprehensive approach to marketing and managing industrial real estate.


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The industrial sector is well-known for its complex nature, with properties ranging from warehouses and distribution centres to manufacturing facilities. To successfully navigate this terrain, you'll need a meticulous strategy, which is where our 19-point checklist comes in. Each factor on the checklist is carefully curated to address the unique nuances of industrial properties, giving real estate agents a comprehensive framework for success.


Today, the industrial real estate market is experiencing unprecedented growth and transformation, owing to technological advancements, shifts in supply chain dynamics, and changing consumer behaviours. Given the market's complexity, the importance of a structured approach cannot be overstated. Real estate agents who use a detailed checklist can streamline their processes, ensuring that nothing is overlooked during the complex dance of listing industrial properties.


Our checklist covers everything from zoning and environmental assessments to understanding the specific requirements of potential tenants or buyers. In an era when attention to detail can make or break a deal, having a comprehensive checklist at your disposal is invaluable. Tune in to this episode as we go over the 19 factors that will not only improve your approach to listing industrial properties, but will also distinguish you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent in the competitive world of real estate. It is time to realise the full potential of industrial real estate through strategic and thorough listing practises.