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Nov 23, 2019

In today's podcast, we give you some ideas to help you find better tenants for your retail shop vacancies.  In that way, you can build your tenancy mix to attract more sales and customers.

shopping centre mall

As the internet impacts shop vacancies today, there are special considerations to work with when it comes to:

  • Merchandise groups
  • Quality product offerings
  • Franchise brands and tenants
  • Tenancy mix optimization
  • Property renovation and relocation issues

In this podcast you will learn about the retail shop leasing focus that can bring you more new business in a comprehensive way.

We will tell you about:

  1. Profiling existing tenants
  2. Working with the franchise brands
  3. Looking for changes in the retail segments, and
  4. Reviewing and researching other retail properties nearby

Take these ideas and grow your retail shop leasing processes and plan.  Use these ideas to sketch out a shop leasing outline for your shopping centre in a comprehensive way.  This can be the leasing model for your retail property performance and business plan.