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Nov 30, 2019

shopping centre mall

When you look at a retail property and especially a shopping centre, there are 'indicators' that can give out valuable facts about the current and future success of the property. 

In today's podcast, we share the ideas behind site and property review.  What to look for and how to work through those things.

  1. Look at the greater region to assess the other local properties competing with your site.
  2. Evaluate the site for exposure to passing traffic and marketing or branding.
  3. Consider the target market of customers and how they will get to and into the property.
  4. Guage the growth of the local area for retail sales and ongoing community growth.
  5. Weigh up the tenant mix requirements and opportunities with anchor tenants and specialty tenants.

From these things, you can estimate the strategies and the ideas to develop in your shopping centre operations and function. 

In the right balance, these facts can help you stimulate retail property performance and investment growth.  Here is the podcast.

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