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Commercial Real Estate Broker and Agent Training and Coaching Worldwide by John Highman.  This podcast covers Sales, Leasing, and Property Management skills and topics in Office, Industrial, and Retail Properties Globally.  You can also get more resources at our main website at 

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Jun 21, 2019

Here are ways to find commercial property management clients and new business with quality properties.  


There are many layers of new business that you can achieve and explore in commercial real estate brokerage from your property management portfolio. On that basis, it is a good idea to grow that portfolio with quality buildings and quality clients.


In this podcast today, you can learn how to grow your property management business with the best buildings and the best clients offering you some good opportunities for growth of income base and commission streams.  Look more deeply into your town or city to find that new business.


It pays to look at the requirements of your clients in your current location. Understand the vacancy factors that apply to commercial property and investment property throughout your town and city. Those vacancy factors will require resolve and resolution.


When you offer those leasing services to property management clients and investors, you can grow your ongoing business leads and opportunities through established relationships and alternative services.


So the message here is that you can do something with your property management clients and their buildings from an investment angle. You can also fix tenancy mix problems, operational costs within the portfolio, and grow the income stream for the client. Understand your property market for the opportunities that are presented in both tenancy changes and business activity.


Don't forget to look into referral business and referral opportunity with your existing clients and prospects. Ask about the referral opportunities when you have completed a successful transaction in your location.


Explore the people that you know and already contact.  Delve into the relationships that you have now with the Allied Industry Professionals across legal, financial, and banking services with your commercial real estate clients. An Allied Professional that you know now can provide you with leads into their client base with their clients and associated challenges.


In this episode you will learn about:

  1. Solving vacancy pressures
  2. Fixing tenant mix problems
  3. Improving investment outcomes
  4. Connecting with allied industry professionals
  5. Finding investors to service with property management services