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Commercial Real Estate Broker and Agent Training and Coaching Worldwide by John Highman.  This podcast covers Sales, Leasing, and Property Management skills and topics in Office, Industrial, and Retail Properties Globally.  You can also get more resources at our main website at 

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Sep 28, 2019

In commercial real estate, you need to take some specific action every day especially if you are looking to improve your business.  Repeating the process of taking certain actions will give you the leads, the listings, and the clients.  It is a business of opportunity providing you take the action, and keep the systems...

Sep 27, 2019

There are a few good ways to attract customers to a shopping centre.  Most of them involve a mixture of online and offline marketing. 

There will also be some social media solutions that integrate into both marketing channels.  Then you can monitor how people are coming back to you and why that is the case.  Know...

Sep 22, 2019

Here are some ideas that will help you establish yourself as a top professional in commercial real estate brokerage in your location.  Take your sales and leasing career and grow relationships with top quality prospects, property owners, and business leaders in your location.

The best way to get results in brokerage...

Sep 21, 2019

Every agent should have a listing system that they work to and drive business from.  That is business relating to an industrial, office or retail property.

So, what does a system like this look like?  Ask questions of yourself regards these things:

  • Canvassing
  • Contact processes
  • Targeted clients
  • Property types
  • Market...

Sep 17, 2019

Here is the system that you can use to build a leasing service in your commercial real estate business.  Over time you can provide specialised leasing services such as:

  • Finding new premises
  • Solving vacancy issues
  • Finding better tenants
  • Tenant advocacy services
  • Business relocations
  • Landlord occupancy strategies
  • Rental...