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Commercial Real Estate Broker and Agent Training and Coaching Worldwide by John Highman.  This podcast covers Sales, Leasing, and Property Management skills and topics in Office, Industrial, and Retail Properties Globally.  You can also get more resources at our main website at 

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Feb 5, 2021

A commercial property listing presentation is a very special process that engages directly to the client, their property, and their thinking. 

In today's podcast, John Highman shares the key facts behind the process of presenting your real estate services so you can win more new business over time. 

These skills will...

Dec 24, 2020

When you are looking to get some direction in your real estate business, it pays to simplify things and remove any complications.  There are certain things that you can do which will help your real estate business thrive providing you can 'stick to the rules'.

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Nov 26, 2020

Get five-star results when you solve problems for your clients in commercial real estate brokerage.  John Highman today shares the facts behind building your real estate business on the basis of solving your clients property problems.

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real estate team

Oct 28, 2020

There are plenty of ways to market a property as an investment or for business occupancy.  The choices you make are crucial to the outcomes you seek.

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In today's podcast John Highman shares specific...

Oct 24, 2020

There are many different ways to prospect for new business in commercial real estate, but only a few are consistently successful.  In today's podcast, John Highman shares some of the best ways to create more leads and listing opportunities in commercial real estate sales or leasing.

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