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Sep 26, 2021

Today's podcast is all about negotiation.  With many real estate deals or transactions, you will have difficulties in negotiation as a commercial real estate agent. When a lot of money is on the line or important decisions must be made, things can slow down and become more difficult.

So what can you do with this?  Be prepared for every deal to be a difficult one, and you'll stay focused.  Review the people, the property, and the property market.  Look for the pressure points where things don't just seem 'right' or may be missing.  Small things today can be larger things later in a property transaction.

Due to competing interests and deadlines, the parties involved in a transaction will put stress on the documentation and agreement-making process.  As the agent in a real estate negotiation, stay ahead of the issues and be very diligent with discussions, exchanges, and outcomes.  Take plenty of notes as you go.  Check out other real estate negotiation tips at our website right here.

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