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Apr 30, 2021

In commercial real estate brokerage today, there are many things that you can do to establish a cold prospecting system to generate new business with investors and property owners in your location.   The telephone is a powerful new business tool to find clients and prospects in brokerage.

Today, in his podcast, we give you the ideas to help you establish a high-quality call prospecting system that can give you many more leads with clients and property owners locally.  Reach out to new people by using these strategies.

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The Changing Property Market

So, the property market is changing at this time, and you could be part of that change by connecting with new people comprehensively.

Indeed, there are several different ways to establish a prospecting model and various systems to put in place. However, do not overlook the telephone as part of that strategy in your real estate business.


Make More Calls This Way

In making more calls to new people, you can share information regards the local area, property activity, prices, and rents. When you investigate your location, there are always activities and updates shared through telephone conversations over time.

The business owners and the investors you work with will always be receptive to information relating to the property market in your location.

Show yourself as the expert for that particular property type and within the territory. Share the information and make the calls.